Websites (Informational, Blogs, Forums, etc) – “Ace Fet is a support forum specifically for asexuals with fetishes, and related subjects.”

Asexuality Visibility and Education Network (AVEN) – Great Resource, also has a members’ forum


Asexual Explorations – This site has an *amazing* collection of research on the subject of asexuality

Asexual News

Dating/Networking sites for Asexuals

AceBook – Asexual Dating and Social Networking Site – Asexual Dating Site – Asexual Meeting/Dating Service

Asexuality Group on


Petition to be able to select Asexual and Pansexual as your orientation on Facebook and Myspace

Blogs (This list is growing by leaps and bounds every week!)

A Proud Greek Asexual Mind

Ace of Butterflies

Ace of Hearts

After Morrissey

An Asexual Space

Another Asexual Radical


Asexual Advice

Asexual Cupcake

Asexual Curiosities: For the Asexually Curious and Curiously Asexual (Old Page) (New Page)

Asexual Explorations

Asexual Love

The Asexual Otaku

The Asexualist

Asexy Amy’s Blog

Asexy Beast

Asexy Grafitti (French)

Asexy Me

Cake Yeah Asexuals

Charlie the Unicorn, Ace Detective


Edge of Everywhere

Fuck Yeah Aces

Glad to be A


It’s An Ace Thing

Kaz’s Scribblings

Love From the Asexual Underground

Meaningless Mutterings

Meanwhile, inside my head…

Meowing at the Moon: A Gender-Neutral Asexual’s Search for a Soulmate

Musings from Outside Normal Boundaries

Pirate Queen Susan’s Sea Blog

Rainbow Amoeba’s Petri Dish (link broken)

Shades of Gray

Sheldon Has No Deal

Singularly Bizarre: Musings from an agendered asexual radical feminist transwoman in a poly relationship on politics, mad science, life, the universe, and everything.

Skeptic’s Play

Sophisticate Blues

Song Against Sex

The Venus of Willendork

Too Asexy For My Shorts

Unapologetic Ace

Verbs Not Nouns

What do you mean by Sex?

Writing From Factor X

Forums (and Forum-Like)

Aromantic Asexuals

Asexual Fandom

Asexual Haven (Google Group)

Asexual Lesbians

Asexual Youth

Asexuals We Are (Livejournal)

The Asexy Place

Asexuality 2.0

Asexuality Art & Literature (Livejournal)

Asexuality Community on Live Journal

Asexuality at Dreamwidth

Asexuality & Sherlock (Livejournal)

The A-Sylum

Haven for the Human Amoeba – Asexual Yahoo Group

Knights of the Shaded Triangle

A Wank Free-Zone (Livejournal)


A Life: A Weekly Podcast about Asexuality

Unscrewed and Illuminated: An Asexuality Podcast


Ace Watch on Tumblr

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