Books, Pamphlets and Posters


*There’s More! A Parent’s Guide to Alternative Sexualities by Dr. Amy Marsh, DHS, ACS. Buy the book on or read areview by Dr. Charlie Glickman.

The Following Books each have a chapter that covers the subject of Asexuality as an orientation and/or disorder. For reviews or abstracts please see their listing on the research page for Asexual Explorations

Book: Against Health: How Health Became the New Morality by J.M. Metzl and A. Kirkland, Chapter: “How Much Sex is Healthy? The Pleasures of Asexuality” by Kim, EJ (2010)

Book: Psychological Sexual Dysfunctions by J.M. Caroll & M.K. Alena, Chapter: “Asexuality: Dysfunction or Variation” by Bogaert, A.F. (2008)

Book: The Sexually Oppressed by Gorchros H.L. and Gochros J.S., Chapter: “Asexual and Autoerotic Women: Two Invisible Groups” by Johnson, M.T. (1977)


A Discursive Look at the Friend/Partner Distinction: Implications for Asexual People by C.J. Chasin, MSc, Department of Psychology, University of Windor, 2009

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