March 2011 Survey

Here you can find the surveys I collected in March, 2011.

The article I will write about the responses collected between March 7th and March 31st will be published in April (I’ll link it here when it’s up).

You can still take the surveys even after I’ve written the article about the original responses. I read all of the responses even after the original deadline and your response may inspire a whole new survey, so please share!

If you identify in the asexual-spectrum please take this version of the survey: Asexual Conceptualizations of Sexuality 1.2

If you identify as any type of sexpert please tell me about how you conceptualize sexuality by taking this survey.

If you do not identify as either asexual or a sexpert please tell me what you think about sexuality in this survey HERE.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for participating in this and any future research I may do!


1 Response to March 2011 Survey

  1. Ronit Fuchs says:

    Where can I see the dry results of the survey and\or the article (if it is has been written)?

    Dr. Ronit Fuchs (an Asexual form Israel)

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