Thank you for coming to my research page!

I would appreciate it if people interested in taking surveys for the sake of providing more information about asexuality to the sexological community would consider participating in one of the below surveys (I intend to add at least 1 survey each month and will keep old surveys active unless I need to close them for some reason):

The surveys below are open to anyone of any sexual orientation. While I am particularly interested in collecting information from people in the Asexual portion of the sexual orientation spectrum I would be interested to see the answers that would be given by people who use any orientation label.

Note: The surveys below are not part of any formal “research” (which need to go through review processes, have releases signed, etc). The answers to the surveys below are to help me better understand how different people think and feel on various topics and help me have a broader range of perspectives from which to answer questions about asexuals and asexuality. You have the option to give me permission to quote your answers anonymously but you don’t have to. The responses I collect to these informal surveys will help inform how I structure and what questions I will ask on formal research so I appreciate your participation.

You can find the most recent survey here.

See the survey from March, 2011 here.

See the survey from April, 2011 here.

See the survey from May, 2011 here.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for participating in this and any future research I may do!

If you would like to be notified of updates please join my mailing list using this link.

Use the form below to give me feedback about my research/methods, it can be used anonymously if you do not want a response. (to join the mailing list please use the link above)

2 Responses to RESEARCH

  1. Rii says:

    I’m sorry, but the link for Females isn’t presently working. Any idea how to fix? Thanks much, I really want to help out!!

    • I apologize to anyone who experienced technical difficulties accessing either of the surveys. I had told Survey Monkey to stop accepting new surveys after 100 because I technically I only needed 50 surveys from females and 50 from males. Due to some people taking the wrong survey and a number of people not completing the survey and that some of the first people who took the survey experienced technical difficulties that were my fault (thank you to those who pointed out a typo and a skip logic problem) I re-set the survey to remain open. While I had intended (and originally posted here) that I would leave the survey open until the end of the day on March 8th I have decided to close the survey. I collected twice as many responses as I needed and, honestly, if I have that many self-identified asexuals willing to participate in filling out surveys I would rather have them fill out surveys that will be helpful for more than just demonstrating how terrible the survey my school required me to use is.

      If you would like to participate in my current survey a link to it can be found above.

      Thank you for your help!


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