If you have a question feel free to leave it as a comment on this page and I’ll add it, along with an answer to the FAQ list.

In the meanwhile there’s no point in re-inventing the wheel when AVEN has some great FAQ pages set up already:

AVEN’s General Overview Page

AVEN’s General FAQ Page

AVEN’s FAQ for Family and Friends

AVEN’s Relationship FAQ Page

Here’s an interview I did for Sex Positive St. Louis where they asked me their 9 most pressing questions.

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4 Responses to FAQ

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m a woman who can feel emotional attraction towards men, but no sexual attraction.
    However, I am able to feel both emotional and sexual attraction towards women.
    Then, what is my sexuality?

    • You can (and should) identify with whatever terms feel most accurate to you. Based on your description I might go with “biromantic homosexual”? You could use biromantic lesbian, perhaps? It really isn’t up to me but those are some labels I’d lean toward.

  2. Nomi says:

    All those FAQ links above come up 404. ????

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