My official disclaimers:

1. I don’t know everything. I haven’t read, watched and listened to every piece of information that is out there- but I’m reading and watching more every day and if you have something I should add to my reading list I hope you’ll share it with me.

2. I reserve the right to change my opinion in light of new information. Sometimes it might be small changes (I can already read earlier posts and think “I would have phrased that differently based on the feedback I got”) or big changes (Some of the survey results were not at all what I had expected and I am so grateful to everyone who has shared with me and helped expand the way I think about the ace community and the collective “ace experience”).

3. I haven’t talked to every asexual out there. I haven’t discussed every topic with the asexuals I have talked to. Even on the subjects I’ve discussed with other asexuals, we don’t always agree. I can’t possibly speak for every asexual; even if I had talked to them all about every subject I still wouldn’t be able to fairly represent everyone’s perspectives and life experiences. But the more I understand about perspectives and trains of thought that are different from my own, the better I can recognize that they exist and the more I can take them into consideration when trying to articulate my own thoughts and answer questions.

4. I’m studying sexuality (which encompasses a lot of aspects which many aces may classify instead as parts of their personhood) and the only way I can really process the information the first time I read it is by comparing and contrasting it to my own feelings and experiences and then slowly try to understand it as it applies to other people. Consequently my understanding of a lot of what I learn is heavily influenced by, well, me and my experiences and I think that’s just human nature. This can lead to assumptions that I don’t even realize I’m making that turn out to be slightly inaccurate or completely wrong. The only way I can correct these problematic misconceptions is if someone points them out!

If you have any problems or concerns about anything I’ve written please tell me!

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