Suggested Resources

You do not have to read/watch any of these materials to complete the assignment – but if you’re looking for more great materials about asexuality here are some good places to start!

Academic Papers

Asexuality: Prevalence and Associated Factors in a National Probability Sample [Bogaert] (my link for this no longer works, looking for a new one)

Physiological and Subjective Sexual Arousal in Self-Identified Asexual Women  [Brotto] (“Discussion” & “Conclusion”)

Methodological Issues for Studying Asexuality [Hinderliter]&Reply to Hinderliter [Brotto]


Any and all essays in AVEN’s Asexual Perspectives series


Are Asexuals Queer? From Good Vibrations Magazine, by Swank Ivy

Blog Posts

All posts labeled “A-pologetics” – from the Asexual Explorations Blog

Verbs, Not Nouns – from Verbs Not Nouns

Erasure and Identity – From Lashings of a Ginger Beer Blog


Any of Swank Ivy‘s Asexuality-Related Videos, especially Part 1 and Part 2 of the “Unassailbale Asexual”

Anything from the Hot Pieces of Ace YouTube Channel

You can also see all of the reading and watching materials from my last version of the curriculum here. There’s a lot of interesting stuff there, too. [In the old version of the curriculum there were not “required” and “suggested” reading/watching materials, just a long list (including the Ace Secrets tumblr and asexual fan fiction and students could choose what they wanted to read and watch… but half the students didn’t do the assignment (and consequently lost 2 classes worth of attendance, participation and homework) so no more “you can read whatever you want from this list” – now everyone has to read the same things, sorry guys, last class ruined it for everyone, but feel free to check out the fun stuff you used to be able to read for credit.]

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