Reading Assignment

[You can download the reading list as a word document here]

Below are links to the required reading for this assignment.

Suggestion: I realize the reading assignment is a little long but the components are all independent of each other so you can read them in any order and spread out over the time you have for this assignment. If the amount of reading seems daunting I suggest reading 1 or 2 entries each day. The only portion that’s particularly dense is the research paper, the rest consist of a light-hearted essay, 2 blog posts, some very concise wiki entries, an article and some responses to the most common misconceptions written in a very conversational tone (you can also opt to watch that series on YouTube rather than reading them – but time wise it’s about 6 of one, half dozen of the other). Take notes as you go about what confuses you because the questions that one paper brings up may well be answered by the next section in the reading!

(You can also download all of the reading assignments in one 25 page PDF document here- it’s a pretty large file)

1. Asexuality: A Mixed-Methods Approach – “Results and Discussion” & “Conclusion” [This is only an excerpt from the paper, for the whole paper please contact me]

2. All 5 AVEN Wiki Entries for Proposed Models & Definitions of Asexuality [including “ABCD Types,” “Collective Identity Model,” “Dual Definitional Model,” “Nonlibidoism,” and “Not Interested.”]

3. AVEN Wiki Entry on the Storms’ Model

4. Swank Ivy’s Asexuality Top 10 [can watch the same Top Ten list on YouTube instead]

5. Understanding Asexuality From the Outside from AVEN’s Asexual Perspectives Series

6. This Tumblr Post from A for Affort

7. Being a Kinky Ace from Verbs Not Nouns

8. How to be an Asexual Ally – Part 1Part 2Part 3

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