Reading/Watching Assignment

Consume at least 5 credits worth of materials from each list

You may have already read/watched some of the items on these lists while completing the crossword puzzle, you can choose to count those towards your 5 credits if you want.

***You must turn in a list of the materials you read/watch to satisfy the assignment***

Note: yes, some reading/viewing options are shorter than others, but if you spend all your time looking for the shortest options you’re going to waste a lot of time you could have just used reading/watching the items you find interesting, regardless of length.

Note 2: Lots of great new stuff has been published during Asexual Awareness week (after I created the original assignment) so I have added new options to the website’s list (though I won’t update the word documents until after AAW is over).

Reading List

Suggestion: I suggest you read at least one academic paper, at least one article, and at least one blog post/essay.

(each bullet point counts as ONE reading credit):

*”Asexuality: A Mixed Methods Approach” by Lori Brotto, from the Archives of Sexual Behavior (read at least the abstract, introduction and conclusion).

*”Methodological Issues For Studying Asexuality” by Hinderliter and ALSO “Reply To Hinderliter” by Brotto

*”Physiological and Subjective Sexual Arousal in Self Identified Asexual Women” by Brotto. Must read at least the following sections: abstract, introduction, “Do Group Differences in Affect Account for the Findings?”, “Is Asexuality a Disorder of Sexual Desire?”, and conclusions. (highly recommended)

*All 5 (very short) entries under the “Proposed Models and Definitions” portion of the AVEN Wiki (highly recommended)

*Each essay in the “Asexual Perspectives” series counts as 1 credit.

*5 of Swank Ivy’s “Asexuality Top 10” answers count for 1 credit (cannot be the same top 10″ answers that you watched in her YouTube series if you choose to use those for a watching credit).

*Asexuality is Not Antisexuality: Sex-Positivity in a Negative World by Swank Ivy, published in Good Vibrations Magazine.

*Sexual Attraction vs. Romantic Attraction by Swank Ivy, published in Good Vibrations Magazine.

*How to Be an Asexual Ally by Swank Ivy, published in Good Vibrations magazine.

*Are Asexuals Queer? by Swank Ivy, published in Good Vibrations magazine

*Each of the 12 blog posts labeled “A-pologetics” from the Asexual Explorations Blog (found here) count for one credit. (highly recommended)

*Erasure and Identity – an essay by Jenni published on Lashings of Ginger Beer blog: Radical Queer feminist Burlesque Collective

*”Sexual, Romantic and Secondary Orientations – Summary of the Series” from Rainbow Amoeba’s Petri Dish (blog) The summary of the series counts as 1 reading credit, though feel free to actually read the original articles, too. [Sadly this blog is no longer up]

*Life Among the One Percent from Tiger Beatdown

*This Tumblr post from A for Affort

*Any 1 full page of posts on the Ace Secrets Tumblr (about 15 secrets). **You can get a maximum of 1 credit from Ace Secrets** Note: They have over 50 pages, you can choose one randomly by using this web address: <— just replace the X with any number between 2 and 50 (and by the time you look at it, they’ll probably have over 55 pages).

*”Being a Kinky Ace” from the blog Verbs Not Nouns

*”Verbs, not Nouns” AND “I exist, therefore Fuck Off” from the blog Verbs Not Nouns.

*Asexual Attraction: Outlining an Elephant on Asexual Curiosities

*3 short stories from the “Sex is Just a Word” series count for 1 credit – one of those 3 stories must be the first installment “Coming Out“.(note: these stories have a BDSM them, so if you have issues around BDSM they may be a trigger for you and you may not want to read them. Also they may not seem to make sense if you’re not already familiar with BDSM, but if you are familiar with BDSM and want to see examples of how that might work with asexuality I think these stories are pretty good).

*1 full page of the Aces Answer Tumblr.

Watching List:

Note: Sometimes you have to watch more than 1 video in a series for it to count as 1 viewing credit. If you want to watch all of Swank Ivy’s “Asexuality Top 10” videos, for instance, you can count that as 2 credits. Mix and match however you want to get your 5 viewing credits.

*Any 3 of the 450+ videos from the Hot Pieces of Ace YouTube Channel count as 1 credit. Suggested videos: The 3 videos about asexuality and kink found in this postAim’s video about “Asexual Privilege” (highly recommended), Sassailable’s Video about “The Unassailable Asexual” (highly recommended), David Jay’s video about “The Unassailable Asexual” (skip to starting at 2:25) Holly’s Asexual RantVictoria’s video about her future as an asexualVictoria’s video about sex outside a relationshipAim’s video about sex outside a relationshipArne’s video about relationships between aces and non-acesHeidi’s video about safe spaces for acesSouthPaw’s video about misconceptions about asexualityArne’s video on not being “mature enough” to identify as asexual, …more to be added)

*Swank Ivy‘s Asexuality related videos.  Suggested Videos: The Unassailable Asexual (highly, highly recommended – it’s a 2 part video, each part counts as 1 credit) Asexual Bingo (counts as 1 credit by itself), Asexuality Top 10 (must watch 5 to count for 1 credit), or anything from her Letters to an Asexual series (must watch at least 3 to count for 1 credit)

*Any videos on the AVEN website Each video counts for 1 credit. (note: some of the info in the “voice overs” on the 20/20 video are just flat-out wrong.) [Note: You will have already watched 1 of these as part of the crossword puzzle, so you can count that as a credit if you like]

*Ace Answers Podcast is a 3 part series created specifically for Asexual Awareness Week as “a chance for the asexual community to answer the questions no one is asking.” . #1 has to be downloaded to hear it (at least it did for me) but #2 (recommended) can be streamed. I’ll add #3 when it comes out on Saturday. Each podcast counts as 1 credit.

*Both of the previews for the Documentary “(A)sexuality: Not Everybody’s Doing It” (formerly known as “(A)sexuality: The Making of the Movement”) together count for 1 viewing credit.

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