Name (optional*) ___________________________________________________

Class (not optional) __________________________________________________

Before you look at any of the other material in this packet, please answer the following questions to the best of your ability:

  1. A person who says that they are “asexual” probably means:
  2. Reasons a person might identify as asexual are:
  3. What I know about asexuality (you can prioritize, I don’t need a novel) :
  4. My sources for information about asexuality (real people, materials you’ve read, fictional characters, etc):

*If you choose not to put your name, please put the same series of numbers/letters (fake name, your phone number backwards, whatever) on all of your papers so I can match up all the paperwork.

If I would like to write about the feedback from these assignments, can I quote you anonymously? Please circle one: Yes   No

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