If you have any questions or problems or think you found some kind of mistake in the curriculum please contact me! I’m more than happy to help and answer questions!

I have revamped my asexuality curriculum for my friend’s Human Sexuality 101 classes, you can find the links below.

You can find the old curriculum here.

The new curriculum consists of the following components:

*Pre-Assignment Questions [Complete this before looking at any other materials]

*Notes about language used in the materials in this lesson [You’ll want to read this next]

*Cross Word Assignment [Completing this before doing the reading assignment will help you understand some aspects of what is in the reading assignment. You can download the crossword assignment as a word document here.]

*Reading Assignment [You can click the links to the materials which are all available on line or you can download all of the reading assignment material as a pdf here]

*Suggested Resources [You don’t have to read these for the assignment but if you’re interested in more information about asexuality these are some good places to start]

*Reflection Questions [To be completed after you’ve finished the rest of the assignment]

*Materials for the Instructor

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