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What will @retlefnegniL write for the next @HOUSEonFOX Episode?

My Prediction: It’s about a gay couple trying to adopt when suddenly one of them has a terrible cold! Of course poor sweet tolerant Wilson wants believe they are actually happily homosexual men but House won’t let him wear his … Continue reading

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My Initial Reaction to tonight’s (er.. last night’s) episode of #House … #spoilers

Tonight’s Last night’s The latest episode of House was damaging for many, many reasons. Certainly I’m disappointed that 2 asexual-identifying characters on a major television show ultimately are supposedly “proven” to not be asexual but that is by far not … Continue reading

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Disputes – Part 2

I find it kind of ironic that the storm of angry tweets insisting that aces are not welcome and do not belong not just in “queer” spaces but also “safe spaces” all started because I responded to this tweet: “…i’m … Continue reading

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Things to remember to write about… (also, I’m back! ..or more appropriately, my internet is back!)

The summer trimester (which was pretty much all of June) was even busier than usual with after-class workshops and seminars to attend, last minute meetings with David Jay, Pride, and so forth. I also went to Oregon for the first … Continue reading

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The June Survey is Up! Topic: You & the LGBT(+++) Community.

The June survey is up and since it’s Pride month I’ve been hearing lots of interesting discussions about the LGBT community and I’d love to get more perspectives. The survey is 3 pages, you can see the content of the … Continue reading

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