What will @retlefnegniL write for the next @HOUSEonFOX Episode?

My Prediction:

It’s about a gay couple trying to adopt when suddenly one of them has a terrible cold! Of course poor sweet tolerant Wilson wants believe they are actually happily homosexual men but House won’t let him wear his Rose colored glasses for long! Through some series of surely hilarious events House proves that one of the men is actually only “gay” because his uncle molested him and his mother beat him causing him to be unable to have healthy relationships with women and so he turns instead to men while his partner is actually a pedophile who only partnered up with an adult so he could get his hands on some unsuspecting foster children! And this will be what Kath writes after doing “a lot of research” about homosexuals, of course, research that showed her that sometimes when people come out as homosexual, in stead of getting support or encouragement are accused of having been molest, are accused of being sick, disgusting and a pedophile and naturally she’ll want to encourage that by ensuring that all the portrayals of gay people on the show demonstrate how right that response is.

You can watch a video of Kath Lingenfelter talking about this episode of House here (or below if the embedding works properly…). She discussing the asexual-subplot from 2:17 until 4:15.

What do you think she’ll write next?

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3 Responses to What will @retlefnegniL write for the next @HOUSEonFOX Episode?

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  2. anonymous says:

    This plot wouldn’t happen. Gay activists have enough power, money, allies, and influence that they could threaten Fox’s advertising revenue if angered too much.

  3. Kate says:

    Wow it’s great to know the Dr House can ‘fix’ me simply by being House. Interesting that she starts out with ‘asexual people face prejudice’ with ‘what’s wrong with you?’ and ‘how can we fix you?’ comments but then goes on to show exactly how we can ‘be fixed’. Quick get me to a hospital :s

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