Things to remember to write about… (also, I’m back! ..or more appropriately, my internet is back!)

The summer trimester (which was pretty much all of June) was even busier than usual with after-class workshops and seminars to attend, last minute meetings with David Jay, Pride, and so forth.

I also went to Oregon for the first week or so of July which was lovely, with great weather and beautiful scenery… which was great, except for the no cell phone reception and no internet part. We had to do puzzles and play card games and read, and go outside! It was awful! Anyway, that’s why I didn’t get a July survey up- I thought they had internet at the place I was staying (they did last year) so I was unpleasantly surprised that I wasn’t going to be able to put up a survey until I got back home and then by the time I got here it was almost half way through the month. So I’m going to work on revamping the demographic page on my surveys (I’m trying to come up with a way for people to not have to fill it out every time…). But I will post the survey about relationships on August 1st.

In the meantime, I have 3 papers to write but only one of them needs to be done… well… let’s say yesterday. The others can wait.

Things I need to remember to write about after I’m done with my paper:

*My classmates apparently thinking that a poly relationship is like a waiting list to become the “real” girlfriend (obviously I’m not still bitter about this…).

*My dinner with David Jay

*A professor disagreeing with my assertion that aces often end up in relationship with non-aces (just after asking why I wanted to do my research on asexuality as a valid orientation because, “who cares?”)

*”(A)Sexual” screening, which I got a whole 2 classmates to attend.

*The BBQ at David Jay’s house – the first time I’d been in a space where I didn’t make up at least 50% of the ace presence.

*Marching in the San Fran Pride Parade with AVEN

*The adorably awkward questions I got from a non-ace.

*Specifically coming out to my best friend (spoiler: she wasn’t particularly surprised)

*The potluck I went to where I said I was ace and didn’t have to follow it up with an explanation.

*My ace-flag-color hand warmers!

Also, I obviously need to finish the articles about my March survey that I started before I went out of town.

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