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“…I think I’ve been unclear…” (idle musing)

After class today I stole a few minutes with 2 students to try and better answer their questions or address their comments from yesterday, with varying success in both cases. In the 2nd case (which, yes, I’m addressing first) I … Continue reading

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More adventures in sex school

So today I had a “Research Design and Implementation” class which was fantastic and gave me lots to think about when it comes to my official academic research (which I’m not currently conducting. I’m still writing the report on the … Continue reading

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The June Survey is Up! Topic: You & the LGBT(+++) Community.

The June survey is up and since it’s Pride month I’ve been hearing lots of interesting discussions about the LGBT community and I’d love to get more perspectives. The survey is 3 pages, you can see the content of the … Continue reading

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