Tips for not falling off the face of the planet.

Obviously I disappeared from twitter, tumblr, e-mails, my site and most places in general several weeks ago and I apologize for my sudden absence. Here are some tips I’ve devised to help others avoid the same problem:

*If you have 3 months to get something done, don’t wait until you only have 3 weeks left.

*Try to avoid unexplained vertigo. Feeling like you just stepped off a rollercoaster 24/7 for two weeks straight is incredibly bad for productivity.

*Don’t let anyone you know die, ever. This is incredibly distracting and will inevitably add a lot of unpleasantness to your “to do” list.

*Don’t have a cat who suddenly decides that the futon is the best place to pee- washing a futon mattress is hard work and very time consuming- especially if you’re doing it multiple times a week. (Also, does anyone want a cat or two? ggrr.)

Anyway, I’m almost back. I have a lot of unexpected family obligations this week and then on Friday I drive to San Francisco for classes, which will be about 8hrs/day, 7days/week for most of June, and then I drive to a family reunion in another state and then in early July I drive back home again. My lap top will be going in for repairs for most of that time but I’ll have my netbook with me. Using wordpress on a netbook is kind of a pain, but I’ll do my best to get some posts up between (and probably about) classes.

Also, as I mentioned before, I’m on the committee for Asexual Awareness Week ’11 and there’s a call for volunteers, so if you decided not to be on the committee but would still like to chip in to volunteer then by all means please check out the video below and think about sending an e-mail!

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