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This is the material I’m supposed to use to teach people….

So I’m enrolled in a class which is designed to teach you how to run a workshop for others using the SAR (Sexual Attitude Readjustment) Guide for a better sex life: A self-help program for personal sexual enrichment / education … Continue reading

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Tips for not falling off the face of the planet.

Obviously I disappeared from twitter, tumblr, e-mails, my site and most places in general several weeks ago and I apologize for my sudden absence. Here are some tips I’ve devised to help others avoid the same problem: *If you have 3 months … Continue reading

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Resources for the Asexual & Kinky

***Updated 12/2/2011*** I heard through the grapevine that there’s a kinky ace out there looking for resources so I thought I’d put together my favorite Kinky Ace specific resources. If you have more please share them in the comments! Blogs: … Continue reading

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My Tumblr account: AcesAnswer & a little about the March survey results.

Where is the article about the March survey already? Well that’s a good question… My March survey collected significantly more data than I expected it to… It’s true that some of the pages look like these… But a lot of … Continue reading

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Textbook picture of asexuality (literally)

While I was at the AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists) conference there was a silent auction which included 3 human sexuality text books- all three of which had some sort of entry on Asexuality and I’ll … Continue reading

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“Do asexuals have sex fantasies?” – my answer. Input welcome.

@AceSexologist I’m reading a book that states everyone has sexual fantasies unless they r filled w shame. Do asexuals have sex fantasies? @acesexologist I’m going to guess YES! but wanted to hear your thoughts. So this is what I was tweeted this … Continue reading

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