Want or need condoms and/or lube? Let me know now!

I’m at the annual meeting for the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists this weekend and they have an exhibit room set up where various companies are selling and giving away products. The 2 companies which are being the most generous with their give aways are Trojan (condoms) and Wet (lube).

If you would like me to send you condoms and/or lube please send an e-mail with your info to Info@AsexualSexologist.com and I’ll send you a little variety pack of goodies when I get home (next week).

If I get a lot of requests and cannot get enough freebies for everyone then it’ll be first come/first served but I will try to get enough to send out at least 3 small boxes.

Sending in a request before 5pm PST April 30th will help increase your chances of getting something but you can always e-mail me requests for this kind of thing because I am in a position to get these kinds of things for free or cheap pretty frequently, I just need to know if anyone wants them.

I will make no judgments about anyone who wants or needs condoms and/or lube, I just want you to have what you need to be safe (which is why I will send info about good condom and lube use along with them!).

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2 Responses to Want or need condoms and/or lube? Let me know now!

  1. Brett says:

    I would like a free condom I’m thirteen and I need one soon please help

    • Hi Brett,

      If you e-mail me your address I can send you some materials. You can use the form on my contact or dispute page to contact me anonymously, though if you do include your e-mail address I can reply more quickly with a list of places in your area that would provide you with resources also.

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