Mailing List Details

A lot of people have sent me feedback via the site’s comment boxes saying they would like to be involved in future surveys or future research etc.

In an effort not to spam people with more e-mails than they want I have decided to create 4 different mailing lists:

*Academic Research Only: Because research needs to be carefully designed and approved the people on this mailing list will get e-mails that are few and far between which will only notify them when I post surveys that are part of research that I intend to present or publish somewhere (we’re talking once, maybe twice a year for now, and who knows after I graduate?).

*Surveys Only: I intend to post 1 new survey each month so those on this mailing list will receive an e-mail about once a month, letting people know that I’ve posted a new survey and what the questions are (so they can decide from reading the e-mail if they’d like to participate or not), and what my motivations for that month’s questions are.

*New Articles: My intention is to write an article each month that analyzes the survey results from the previous month. I expect that I will occasionally find outside inspiration to write articles, too. People on this e-mail list will get a notification that I’ve published a new article and a brief intro to it. I expect to send out about one notice per month.

*New Blog Post: If you really want to know every time I post anything new, even just a rant or a blub about site updates I’ll be happy to send you e-mails about that, too- but only if you tell me you want me to.

(You can choose to be on more than one list)

On the “join mailing list” form there’s also a comment box if you had any particular requests. I think the four above choices should cover most people but I know how much you guys like open-ended options! 🙂

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