If you enjoy filling out surveys…

If you enjoy filling out surveys I have posted a short series of questions on my research page and will post a new survey at least once a month. These surveys are not part of any official research and will not be used in research papers (for which I would need to put the questions through a review process etc.). These surveys will consist mostly of questions that, if I had more answers to, would help me be able to better answer the questions I often get about asexuals and asexuality by giving me more perspectives to consider. I will also write at least one post per month with the information I gathered from that month’s survey, including any surprises, curiosities or great ideas I encountered in the responses.

I anticipate that all of the surveys I post will be comprised of all open-ended questions, always with a comment box at the bottom for feedback so that as I post my surveys I can learn from previous mistakes.

Please feel free to suggest questions you would like to see/be asked!

You can find the surveys on my research page.

Have a great day!

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