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I’ve dedicated a new page on my site just for my fellow sexologists – hopefully they make use of it.

In light of how often I’m mortified by the statements that other sexologists make I’ve created a permanent page on my site for other sexologists. I may change the information on the page over time, I may make the phrasing less angry, … Continue reading

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Response to Dr. Fawver’s comments about asexuality in HerCollege.com article.

The following is my response to Dr. Fawver’s comments in the article “Asexuality — Not Just for Amoebas: What it’s like to be “ace” in college” I am frequently ashamed of my fellow sexologists and their ignorance on the subject … Continue reading

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Article on HerCampus.com makes me proud of my alma mater and ashamed of fellow sexologist.

HerCampus.com has an article on Asexuality published today (2/17) called “Asexuality– Not Just for the Amoebas: What it’s like to be “ace” in college” which, like many articles, has great interviews with aces and miserable, mis-informed statements from a sexologist.

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