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Does anyone have resource suggestions for mixed relationships?

So one of my fellow sexologists has a client who is married and who has said that she would be perfectly happy not having sex at all except that she feels she needs to satisfy her husband (and that this … Continue reading

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New Musing Posted as part of #LadyPornDay

Well, February 22nd is Lady Porn Day, when female bloggers were asked to write about their experiences with porn and suggest porn that they like to other women. I wrote a musing about it which you can find here. Like … Continue reading

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I’ve dedicated a new page on my site just for my fellow sexologists – hopefully they make use of it.

In light of how often I’m mortified by the statements that other sexologists make I’ve created a permanent page on my site for other sexologists. I may change the information on the page over time, I may make the phrasing less angry, … Continue reading

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Response to Dr. Fawver’s comments about asexuality in article.

The following is my response to Dr. Fawver’s comments in the article “Asexuality — Not Just for Amoebas: What it’s like to be “ace” in college” I am frequently ashamed of my fellow sexologists and their ignorance on the subject … Continue reading

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Article on makes me proud of my alma mater and ashamed of fellow sexologist. has an article on Asexuality published today (2/17) called “Asexuality– Not Just for the Amoebas: What it’s like to be “ace” in college” which, like many articles, has great interviews with aces and miserable, mis-informed statements from a sexologist.

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Being an Asexual Sexologist is going to be really exhausting with professors like these…

Cool thing I learned a little about today at Sex School: Conceptualizing “sexual interest,” “sexual desire,” and “sexual capacity” as three independent factors when thinking about sexuality. Frustrating thing: When my professor perpetuated a misconception by coming right out and … Continue reading

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Moved Musings to New Blog, a few updates to Resource page.

I’ve been promising updates all week but between class and volunteering and being sick I haven’t lived up to that promise very well. There are some new articles and new websites list but I still haven’t gotten around to making … Continue reading

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Updated Articles & Musings. No more updates until this weekend!

I finally counted how many articles and other types of resources I have listed, see the current tally on the Resources page! I also posted a new musing. I had promised to post an Asexual Resource of the week but … Continue reading

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Updates on almost every page!

I have been busy busy busy all day adding lots of new entries to the various research pages (including new-found articles, books, research papers, blogs and forums– thank you to and AceWatch for helping me find many of the … Continue reading

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Asexual News looking for Contributors

“Asexual News” is a new website about asexuality and they are looking for contributors. See their call for collaborators here.

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